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    I've submitted many names for the so called 10 USD OFF THEN when I DO PUT A FUCKING ORDER IN, you FUCK ME, by saying OH you need to spend 50 dollars or more, which I would have done..BUT NOT NOW..the HELL with this, I'll buy your shit on EBAY for 1/8 the cost, FREE SHIPPING, PURE FUCKING GREED MAN IT SUCKS, I'm TELLING EVERYONE TOO, to STAY AWAY, SO NOT COOL..SHAME ON YOU...TRULY SHAME ON YOU and I TOUTED YOUR CLOTHING I WEAR IT AT MY LIVE SHOWS..FUCK're FLAT OUT MISLEADING AND GREED RIDDEN as WU SAYS CREAM MUTHAFUCKAS. My request is that because of your MISLEADING BULLSHIT and FUCKING COUPONS THAT DO NOT WORK, you should JUST GIVE ME 10 off my fucking order which would pay for TAX AND SHIPPING WTF, do you even have a store in MICHIGAN? MY GOD. NEVER AGAIN from this site. YOu've lost a GOOD CUSTOMER TOO. I know you do NOT CARE AT ALL, but I DO AND I WILL LET IT BE KNOWN

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